Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Writing Life II: First rate reviewer

The Writing Life II: First rate reviewer:

This is the most encouraging news yet because it suggests young readers in their 20s could really get behind this.

This woman has old school manners, which I appreciate. She could have posted her negative review and brought down the Amazon average forever. Instead she writes me personally with suggestions how to turn it into a, well, novelization. I respond that I dismissed that alternative because I am up to something very different. I told her what and why. She was curious enough to pass Whistleblower on to her three grown sons. All of whom loved it! "All the boring stuff is taken out!" What in screenwriting we call clutter. The meat and potatoes of the true novelist. The triumph of story over rhetoric, which is what a screenplay ends up being in the final analysis.

I am encouraged by this development. Meanwhile, the marathon, one foot after the other ... and we'll see what happens.

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